How to Inspect an Electric Water Heater

The scariest part about dealing with heaters is installing a new water heater or repairing your current one. We’ve taken a look at water heaters often, and they don’t even seem to need a complete replacement. 

This issue can sprout from an uneducated plumber or a company who wants to make a quick buck. Nonetheless, it’s essential to know these types of things, so you are fully aware of the situation you have in front of you. In most cases, if a company wants to make money on installation, it will do it do a customer who is not as educated in the field. We don’t want to scare any homeowners or business owners regarding this operation but feel it’s essential to give our loyal customers a heads up. 

It’s best to find companies that will offer a head-to-toe inspection on your water heater before cutting to the chase.

WARNING: You must never mess with your unit unless you are a licensed professional. You can seriously injure yourself or others by preforming maintenance on any heating device. 

With the above statement considered you should be able to inspect different parts of your unit before spending the money on a pro. 

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Below you’ll find a few steps you can take to check on your unit visibly and ensure nothing is abruptly wrong.

Inspection of an Electric Water Heater:

Electrical Connections – Inspect all electric connections with only your eyes to avoid electric shock. Electric connections will be a mostly straightforward task if you are unable to see all relationships do not go digging. It should be a quick overall checkup on the primary contacts you can spot. Suppose you notice any loose or broken wiring call a professional immediately. 

Water Supply – Inspect the water supply pipes located on the top of the unit. Ensure the water supply valve is in the on position and has no restrictions in operation. Tighten any loose connections. Corrosion could prevent water valves from not working.

Tank Inspection – Ensure the integrity of the tank is maintained, especially near the bottom of the unit. Also, look out for rust, as it could impact performance. The floor and overflow panel can also indicate a leak. If you hear rumbling sounds from the tank, you most likely have sediment build-up. You might consider cleaning once a year to prevent any serious problems.

Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve – Inspect this valve on the side of the unit typically. This safety device opens automatically to prevent the tank from exploding. Have a plumber test the pressure relief valve every few years to ensure it works properly. Never test a pressure valve unless you are a professional and know what you are doing. If your valve leaks, it should be replaced immediately. 

If you’ve inspected your unit, and it turns out there is more in-depth maintenance involved, it would be smart to call plumbing professionals near you. Unless you have prior experience, it will usually cause more headaches. Water heater safety issues are the prime concern, and we’d like you to be with us for a while longer!

Remember, always talk about options of repair before installation. In most cases, if your unit is younger than ten years old, you’ve still got time left. Proper research is critical, and you are already halfway there.

Is the water heater sprouting issues? Leaks, stains, rust, noises; we cover it all. 

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